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Naturevest, partner of Dealin.Green, has sold the first carbon credits from Paulownia cultivation.

A great milestone has been reached; the first carbon credits from Paulownia cultivation have been sold! 
Future-proof revenue model with carbon credits
Dealin.Green guides farmers to become suppliers of bio-based materials that builders are in great need of. In this way, we help farmers towards a future-proof business model, where income is earned from the cultivation of Paulownia trees and Miscanthus, and from CO2 credits (carbon credits). We also give bio-based construction a push, and help make the agricultural sector more sustainable. 

Qualitative carbon credits 
Dealin.Green guides farmers from A to Z towards this new revenue model. From project plan, cultivation guidance to selling the fibres, wood and carbon credits via our Trading Platform. We ensure - in cooperation withProba- that the credits meet the highest standards of transparency and accountability (ISO 14001- and 14064-2). The fact that the first batch of carbon credits has now been sold also provides great recognition and confidence for the future.

These credits come fromNatureVest'sPaulownia tree plantation in Croatia, and have been sold throughEcommit. Ecommit invests in ambitious sustainability projects that remove CO2 from the air. They then make the CO2 certificates from those projects available to SMEs and large companies. In this way, sustainable business becomes accessible to every company.

Paulownia (Kiri tree) 
Paulownia is the fastest-growing tree in the world and produces light but very strong wood. The tree can absorb up to 40 tonnes of CO2 per hectares per year! At NatureVest's plantation in Croatia, around 130,000 fast-growing Paulownia trees efficiently absorb 8,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. One CO2 credit is equivalent to one tonne of CO2 removed. 

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Maandag, Juli 8, 2024

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